Join the jam

What we Do


Join the Jam is geared toward beginners and those who would like to become part of a bluegrass jam but are not ready to jump in.  There is no charge and everyone is welcome.

Our goal is to teach a few jam tunes, work on basic timing, and get up to speed with chord changes.

Join us at the next workshop and see how easy it is to become part of our regular jam

More experienced musicians are encouraged to participate and help with the learning process.

Come by and pick up a free copy of our “Join the Jam” CD.  The CD contains 10 popular jam tunes at a slower tempo and it’s easy to play along with. Check out the samples below.

Get Ready to Jam!

Listen to a sample of Foggy Mountain Breakdown 

 Download these 10 Parking Lot Favorites and Get Ready to Jam.  The mp3 backup tracks have been rendered at a slower tempo to allow you to learn the tune and then gradually build up speed.

Sittin' on top of the World

Parking Lot Favorites

Download These 10 Classic Parking Lot Favorites and Get Redy to Jam!

Download are approximately 20mb each and contain mp3 files compatible with any mp3 player

CD available for $2.00 plus shipping

(works in any CD player)

Download (zip)


Download B (zip)