WoodSongs Front Porch Association

What is the WoodSongs Front Porch Association?

   It is an international network of “front porch” minded musicians, songwriters and fans who simply love rural music. This organization is about EVERYBODY who loves to pick, play and sing. 


It's a Community Stage

  Folk, roots and bluegrass music is real people playing real instruments as a community. Think of it … the best music at folk and bluegrass festivals doesn’t happen onstage, it’s in the campgrounds and parking lots. 

It’s fun. It’s easy!

This is an effective way to organize and run local music jams. No tickets, no money, no sound system needed. Just invite a few friends over to your front porch, back yard, living room, local community center to pick, sing and play.     

  • The main goal of the WFPA is to spread the music and spirit of the Front Porch into schools and communities around the World. “The WoodSongs Gathering” is the yearly conference and music festival where members can play their music, showcase and learn to share their skills in their own hometowns in an effective, meaningful way. 
  •  Your small membership to the WFPA supports artists and the art form, but also supports the classroom projects as well. Step off the treadmill and back onto the Front Porch, join the WFPA and learn to become a Song Farmer and help restore the simple love of music back into your hometown, schools … and on front porches around the world. Feel free to call us 859-255-5700 or email: WFPA@WoodSongs.com for more information